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Heavy-duty pull-out shelving system for the tools and moulds depot

Increasingly highly complex moulds and tools present a huge challenge and play a key role at Greger. At the moment our own tools and moulds depot houses more than 800 injection moulding tools. We attach great importance to a well-arranged and perfectly organised stock-keeping system.


An additional new heavy-duty shelving system is the perfect solution to this problem.

It is expandable at any time, and ensures quick access and easy handling. A roll-out guard prevents the drawers from unintentionally rolling out; perfectly suited for a space-saving storage of big, heavy tools. As part of this investment, a new bar code system for all existing tools and moulds was installed. All stock transactions are recorded automatically by ‘mobile scanning’. Thus, all details pertinent to the respective mould can be checked at the touch of a button.
This ensures a well-documented stock-keeping

and accelerates order processing.