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The new QA office: an essential prerequisite for an efficient quality management.


Last year already a new QA office has been built directly adjacent to the production area. Here the incoming and outgoing goods are inspected, parts are measured, samples are taken and initial sample test reports are prepared. Thanks to the spacious new building all testing equipment can now be accommodated in one room.

Moreover, if necessary, the closeness to the production area allows rapid intervention.The Greger QA team now enjoys the bright, friendly and spacious atmosphere of the new office, furnished with state-of-the-art equipment.

New PCE-TCR 200 colour-measuring instrument

More often than not, the colouring of the Greger injection moulding parts plays an absolutely vital role. Most times the customer decides on the colouring. The new colour-measuring instrument has been installed to check the colouring.

The PCE-TCR 200 colour-measuring instrument measures the colour in the CIE-*Lab colour space. Additionally, the colours can also be determined in the RGB colour space. The PCE-TCR 200 colour-measuring instrument is able to recognise the colour distance ∆E between different colour patterns.

With the colour-measuring instrument a threshold value of the colour difference can be set which must not be exceeded. During every colour difference measurement the colour-measuring instrument then checks whether this threshold is exceeded. The colour is measured by means of a high-precision silicon sensor. In the internal memory of the colour-measuring instrument 30 colour values can be defined in 12 groups so that colour values can be checked quickly. Cutting-edge technology for checking colour values.


One of the cornerstones of Greger’s corporate philosophy is constant prime quality of the manufactured injection moulding parts. Absolute precision in all aspects is of vital importance.


As part of the quality management system, it is imperative that the part dimensions are continuously checked or monitored. Thanks to this new measuring device, components can be quickly and easily checked by means of the 3D coordinate measuring technique. The compact, manually operated device has already been fully integrated into Greger’s manufacturing process.


The new optic 3D coordinate measuring device allows for a precise measuring of the injection moulding parts.

Leak testing and customer-specific testing plants

What sets Greger apart is its commitment to quality where services and products are concerned. A quality management system in compliance with the German standard DIN EN ISO 9001 makes sure that the highest quality standards are fulfilled in all work processes.

Greger constantly strives to enhance quality. With the development of customer-specific testing plants or devices, Greger aims to secure its leading position when it comes to quality. Greger has just integrated a leak testing system into its production process, thus ensuring prime quality for its components.