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>> Excellent mould versatility

We currently have around 700 different injection moulding tools of our customers in stock – ranging from a simple tool to highly complex dies in dimensions of 1x1 metres. Our die platens are constructed from hardened steel or, for small batch sizes, from high-alloyed aluminium.

>> The expanded depot for tools and moulds!

Highly complex moulds and tools play a key role in our company. Therefore these components are handled with due care. In the course of the extension of the production facility we also expanded the store room for tools and moulds. These premises now accommodate more than 700 injection moulding tools and we attach great importance to a well-arranged and perfectly organised stock-keeping system. It goes without saying that the room is provided with fire protection.

>> Heavy-duty pull-out shelving system

An additional new heavy-duty pull-out shelving system has been installed in the tools and moulds depot. It is expandable at any time, and ensures quick access and easy handling. A roll-out guard prevents the drawers from unintentionally rolling out; perfectly suited for a space-saving storage of big, heavy tools.

>> Machines with state-of-the-art technology

Whether it’s CAD design, CNC and HSC milling machines or EDM die-sinking - in the manufacture of around forty 3D injection moulds per year only the latest technology is used.

Our highly-developed moulds and tools are perfectly housed in our specially extended store room, which is equipped with fire protection, in a dust-free, modern environment.

As part of this investment, a new bar code system for all existing tools and moulds has been installed. All stock transactions are recorded automatically by „mobile scanning“.


Thus, all details pertinent to the respective mould can be checked at the touch of a button. This ensures a well-documented stock-keeping and accelerates order processing.

>> Toughness guaranteed

Injection moulding tools from Greger are also primarily characterised by their exceptional longevity. We can guarantee a given minimum output for every mould – ensuring no additional costs resulting from premature signs of wear.