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Individual injection molding

>> From Small to X-Large

As specialists in 3D injection moulding within the field of high tech plastics, we manufacture both in small and large batches. The plastic components produced weigh up to three kilograms.

The following plastic materials are processed:
PP, PS, PE, ABS, PA6, PA6.6, PMMA, TPU, TPE, PBT, PPS, PC, POM, diverse blends, foamed materials and wood injection moulding. In addition various fillers are used, like e.g. glass fibres or talcum powder.

>> New raw material storage

"Our new raw material storage covers 400 square metres in size, in which the delivered plastic granules are stored individually according to the types of plastic.

Now that every type of plastic – at the moment more than 100 different types – has its own space all further working steps are facilitated.

As a result, the effort required for stock-keeping could be significantly reduced and stock transactions can be effected faster.

Like Greger’s other manufacturing areas, the new plastic storage has also been provided with a fire protection system.”

>> Plant that has proved itself a million times over

Each year Greger manufactures around 50 million injection moulded components using around 500,000 kg of plastic granulate as raw material. This is only possible with the latest in robot-assisted automatic injection moulding machines, ensuring the very best in precision and efficiency.

>> Faster automatic drying process

"Three separate drying plants with a total of 16 drying bins are automatically fed with plastic granules. The large number of individual bins saves a lot of time during the drying process. What’s more: thanks to the improved drying process, the state-of-the-art plant ensures top quality.


The drying plant permanently measures the degree of dryness and controls it automatically. Then the dried material is automatically transported to the individual injection moulding machines by means of a vacuum pump."

>> Imprints ensure a lasting impression

Greger also shows its flexibility in the printing of logos or design-elements using In-Mould-Decoration (IMD). By means of this new process which could best described as Film Insert Moulding a higher durability and enhanced abrasion resistance of the foils are achieved. What's more, the surfaces distinguish themselves by more brillant appearance.

>> New production control station

"With the new production control station all data of the manufacturing sector can be collected and managed.


Here all production-related data are centrally organised and collected. The production management can use the condensed data for an accurate inspection and analysis.


The essential parameters, such as the status of the current orders for each machine, the next set-up processes or produced quantities, are obvious at a glance."