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Injection molded parts

>> Hand guard

Hand guard with design label, manufactured using In-Mould-Technology.


>> Electronic housing

Ready to be installed display carrier, comprising of several parts.

>> Elektronic hausing

Electronic housing adapted to suit the particular requirements of our customers, consisting of functional and visible parts.

>> Water pump body

High-precision water pump body to convey the cooling medium, used in the automative sector. Ready to be installed with surrounding seal and screw joint bushes.

>> Steering wheel bearing

High-precision steering wheel hub made of high strength, glass-fibre reinforced plastic, distinguished by tightest manufacturing tolerances for peak loads.

>> Gear unit cover

Large gear unit cover (1600g.), complete with enclosing seal.

>> Dial knob

Dial knob with first-rate surface for household appliances.

>> Strain-relief for cables

Special strain-relief with integral hinge, consisting of high-strength plastic.

>> Cover

Cover made of polyamide with high-quality surface finish and polished engraving.

>> Gear unit cover, PA

Large gear unit cover (1600g.), with enclosing seal, inserted sleeves and etched surface.

>> cover

Cover for continuos-flow water heaters, installed with printed dial knob.

>> Bevel gear

Micro bevel gear with extremely fine structuring and first-class surface.

>> Grates for pools

Grate for swimming pool borders, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, resistant to ultraviolet rays and temperatures ranging from -20 to +80 degrees.

Injection molded parts