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>> New Injection Moulding machine

In the course of the relocation of our production facility to the new manufacturing site we acquired a very modern injection moulding machine weighing 700 tonnes of the brand Engel.

>> Arburg 2-component injection moulding machine

Two materials – one work step. With the 2-component injection moulding machine two different types of plastic can be processed in one operation. The interval technology that is now possible is used, for example, to produce injection-moulded parts with additional sealing elements. Sandwich moulding is used for components to achieve weight reductions.
Shot weight of up to 200 g, 160 ton clamping force, automatic removal robots.

>> New Ferromatic Milacron injection moulding machine 450S

The new injection moulding machine type Ferromatic Milacron 450S is another future-oriented investment.

Technical details: injection weight of up to 1,200 g, 450 ton clamping force, robot-assisted removal.

Fast production – prompt delivery: the new high-speed machine scores with a high clamping force, high speed and large quantities.

>> 5-axle Motoman robot and 3 new belt conveyor systems

The new robot system type Motoman ensures precise finishing work. It automatically sorts, packages and stacks the injection moulding parts on palettes. Moreover, we have installed three new belt conveyor systems which are used for a consistent cooling of the manufactured products. Especially when high quantities are produced, the new plant demonstrates its effectiveness by speed and precision.

>> 3D-Injection Moulding

Greger specialises in 3D injection moulding of high tech plastics. State-of-the-art, robot assisted automatic injection moulding machines make it possible to handle a maximum shot weight of 3,000 grams.

>> New Engel E-Victory hybrid injection moulding machine

Thanks to the innovative hybrid technology, injection-moulding parts can be produced even more efficiently while saving costs. On account of the hybrid technology, tools with core-pulling mechanisms and other peripheral control devices can also be operated without any problems.
With its servo-electrical injection unit, the tie-bar-less tools area and the low-emission drive technology set new standards in this sector. All optional extras, such as core-pulling mechanisms, hot-runner control or valve gate control, can be easily controlled by the machine. Clamping force up to 3,000 kN.

>> New Engel Victory injection moulding machine

One of the major advantages is the unlimited access to the clamping unit and a more efficient use of the clamping surface.

The magnetic clamping plates save set-up times and simplify automation, resulting in a swifter tool changing process.

The ‘Engel Victory’ has a clamping force of 120 tons.

With this machine, Greger produces high-quality injection moulding parts up to an injection weight of 250 grams.


>> New Engel CC200 injection moulding machine

The new Engel injection moulding machine sets itself apart by a clamping force of 700 ton while ensuring an injection weight of up to 3,000 grams. This new machine has been provided with the new CC200 control and the fully automatic ENGEL ERC removal robot.

>> Simply powerful

Highly-efficient machine weighing 400 tonnes, without tie-bar, using ERC ENGEL robots.

>> New Sonotronic ultrasonic welding machine

"During the clocked ultrasonic welding process, one or more thermoplastic materials are connected by internal friction in the joining zone.


Compared to other welding techniques, ultrasonic welding is ideally suited when it comes to short processing times and high process safety or if no other additives or solvents should be used. Moreover, ultrasonic welding distinguishes itself by the quality, stability and the exact reproducibility of the welded joints.


This procedure facilitates welding of different thermoplastic materials according to their compatibility with a range of polymers, such as PP, PVC, PE, PET, ABS, compounds, tissues, fleeces or foils."

>> New Engel e-motion injection moulding machine

With the new, extremely efficient ‘Engel e-motion‘ injection moulding machine the smallest high-precision injection weights of up to 25 grams can be produced. Additionally, this new injection moulding machine ensures extremely short cycle times and has a clamping force of
55 ton. Particularly light and small high-precision plastic parts can be manufactured.