The new
QA office


Last year already a new QA office has been built directly adjacent to the production area. Here the incoming and outgoing goods are inspected, parts are measured, samples are taken and initial sample test reports are prepared. Thanks to the spacious new building all testing equipment can now be accommodated in one room. Moreover, if necessary, the closeness to the production area allows rapid intervention.

The Greger QA team now enjoys the bright, friendly and spacious atmosphere of the new office, furnished with state-of-the-art equipment.

New partner companies
for tool production


Thanks to the cooperation with international partner companies, it is now possible to implement special projects in tool manufacture cost-effectively. Up to now the necessary tools have only been produced in-house. However, sometimes certain projects exceed our capacity. For this reason, we looked for suitable partners so that we can take on larger projects now. The tools are still designed by Greger, if necessary we outsource the production. It goes without saying that the production process is subject to the most stringent Greger quality control.

Innovations room


In a working relationship with customers, innovative capacity is an important factor in the success of our company. Therefore we focus our attention on a constructive communication with the customer. The innovation project ‘INN’ was initiated with the aim of further developing our future position as leading innovation partner in the field of high-quality plastics processing. We created an individual innovation area in order to separate the future workshop ‘INN’ from the operating business.
First meetings with longstanding customers have already been successfully held on the new premises.

This communication room provides a perfect setting to further develop our 25 years of specialist knowledge in plastics, its processing and fields of application with customers, suppliers and staff and to implement all this in real products and services. This area, which is fully equipped with media technology, is also perfectly suited for external as well as internal training sessions. This adds a new dimension to customer advisory service and customer support while improving internal as well as external communication.

Heavy-duty pull-out shelving system
for the tools and moulds depot


Increasingly highly complex moulds and tools present a huge challenge and play a key role at Greger. At the moment our own tools and moulds depot houses more than 800 injection moulding tools. We attach great importance to a well-arranged and perfectly organised stock-keeping system. An additional new heavy-duty shelving system is the perfect solution to this problem. It is expandable at any time, and ensures quick access and easy handling. A roll-out guard prevents the drawers from unintentionally rolling out; perfectly suited for a space-saving storage of big, heavy tools. As part of this investment, a new bar code system for all existing tools and moulds was installed. All stock transactions are recorded automatically by ‘mobile scanning’. Thus, all details pertinent to the respective mould can be checked at the touch of a button. This ensures a well-documented stock-keeping and accelerates order processing.

Prototype parts
in no time at all


Thanks to an additional cutting-edge machine, ABS prototype parts can be manufactured within a few hours and up to a volume of 200cumm. If necessary also larger prototypes can be produced, requiring only little time for changeover and setup. This way all functions and the optical design can be checked, thus potential sources of errors as regards tool making for injection moulding can be avoided beforehand.

In short:
Up-to-date with the mobile data!


„When can the delivery be effected? What about the status of the order? All these questions that are not only of interest to our customers.“, explains Ing. Norbert Greger and add: „To provide a high level tranparency for our customers, we introduced a new mobile data system. Up-to-date at any time, it allows production runs, flows of goods and stock-keeping to be tracked .“ Thus delivery dates and stock availability can be checked at the touch of a button. All stock transactions are recorded automatically by „Mobile Scanning“. The ultra-modern system offers higher flexibility regarding project management and accelerates order processing signifcantly. Thanks to the new system we can process orders faster and more accuratly. Increasing flexibility and shorter delivery times – another big plus for our customer.

The expanded depot for tools and moulds!


Highly complex moulds and tools play a key role in our company. Therefore these components are handled with due care. In the course of the extension of the production facility we also expanded the store room for tools and moulds. These premises now accommodate more than 700 injection moulding tools and we attach great importance to a well-arranged and perfectly organised stock-keeping system. It goes without saying that the rooms are provided with fire protection.

Our higly-developed moulds and tools are perfectly housed in our specially extended store room, which is equipped with fire protection, in a dust-free, modern environment.

Ample Space:
Expanded store room for finished parts!


In short:

We have also created more space in our in-house store room for finished parts. Now the space available has been increased by a third and is used as an extra store room, offering a distinct advantage in coping with the high utilisation of our production facilities. However, orders are still handled true to the motto “First in – First out”. In our in-house store room for finished parts the space was increased by a third.

A dazzling effect:
Greger relies on the In-Mould Technology!


In future logos and design-elements can be applied with an enhanced visual effect. This new technological approach that could be best described as Film Insert Moulding makes it possibly. Major advantages: In addition to the improveed durability and enhanced abrasion resistance of the foils, the surface appear more brillant. Not only ii it more appealing but at the same time good value for money because there is no longer any need for conventional imprints and varnishing. This is further proof of our high commitment to innovation.. What is it that our customer desire? Brilliant logos, perfect design elements! The latest innovation in the field of In-Mould-Technology makes it possible.

Centre of excellence
of excellence


We sample internationally manufactured injection mould tools of any kind

  • with mechanical slides
  • hydraulic units
  • multiple core pulling mechnism
  • any kind of hot-runner clamping systems
  • open nozzles, distributor block
  • valve gate
  • any kind of removal robot
  • insertion of  metal parts and grates
  • back-injection moulding of foils (IMD) et cetera



In sizes ranging from 30 ton up to 700 ton clamping force and an injection weight of 1 gram to 3,000 grams. within 48 hours.

Either you provide the necessary materials or we have the appropriate material in stock. For example materials, such as:

  • E
  • PP
  • PS
  • EVN
  • ABS
  • all PA varieties
  • PC
  • PPS
  • PEEK
  • et cetera



As manufacturers of injection moulding components made from high-tech plastic materials, we specialise in the processing of technical plastics.

The costs of the sampling process depend on the size of the machine as well as on the time required.

A subsequent series production is possible.

In the in-house tool manufacture we can immediately adapt your tools to our machine..



We are happy to carry out samplings for you and look forward to hearing from you.